Check out some of our common franchising FAQs below.

Do I need to have haircare or barbershop experience?

Nope. The majority of our Diesel owners will not have haircare experience. We prefer that instead of haircare experience you have management and leadership experience and come ready to follow the Diesel operation system.

Does Diesel help with shop site selection, design, and/or Construction

Definitely! One of the first things we will work on together in our partnership is helping with site selection – everything from site evaluation, lease negotiation, lease signing, and everything in between. Diesel has created a design package that helps to tell the Diesel story and set the vibe for your staff and clients.

How do I know if I am a good fit for Diesel?

If you have management or leadership experience, and have the willingness to adopt the Diesel operational system, then let’s talk!! We will discuss the financial investment and get to know each other to find out if we are a good match for each other.

Do I get any assistance with Advertising and Marketing?

Marketing your barbershop is an on-going process that begins long before opening the doors for clients. Diesel will provide you with a Marketing Guidebook that will teach you marketing strategies for your grand opening and review an on-going marketing plan.

Does Diesel help with training my staff?

We have a dedicated Diesel team that is very hands on in providing guidance and assistance on hiring and interviewing your team leaders and shop staff. We recognize that you likely will not have haircare experience so we will provide our knowledge and best practices in both a classroom setting and also hands on, in the shop training.

Can I own multiple locations?

Definitely! Diesel Barbershop is seeking owners who also have a desire to own multiple locations and/or grow into multiple locations. Whatever your dream is we can help you achieve it

Does Diesel offer funding?

Your Franchise Specialist will review the investment with you and discuss different funding strategies that fit into your growth plan.

How do I get more information or get started?

It’s easy! Fill out the franchisee inquiry and a Franchise Specialist will be in contact with you ASAP to begin the process.

Still have questions?