Rock Your Shop with Franchise Training and Support

Published on
February 15, 2022
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Diesel Barbershop
Rock Your Shop with Franchise Training and Support
Franchise Information Report
Diesel Barbershop Franchise Information Report
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The barbershop industry is stable and technology-proof. Above all, it is recession-proof: win, win-win! Barbershops in the U.S. brought in an estimated $4.5bn in revenue for 2021. In other words, it is aggressively growing. With a business model that works in virtually any market, now is a great time to consider a barbershop franchise. We are here to help you rock your shop with franchise training and support.

Diesel Barbershops feature a unique vibe, specialized services, and comprehensive franchise training and support that will set us apart from the pack. Check out how we support our franchise owners and set them up for success.

Rock Your Shop with Franchise Training and Support
Rock Your Shop with Franchise Training and Support

Rock Your Shop with Franchise Training and Support Means, No Experience Necessary

That’s right – the majority of Diesel owners don’t have haircare experience, and we prefer it that way!

Our franchisees come from all walks of life, therefore they bring a variety of talents. We will take the time to get to know our franchise owners and determine if we’re a good match for each other. Don’t let inexperience hold you back from applying: we take all factors into consideration and provide thorough barbershop franchise support to fill in the gaps.

Prospective owners need to be motivated individuals, therefore, ready to invest in themselves. Prospects should be looking to become their own boss and take their financial future into their own hands. For instance, they should want to create a successful business and strive toward the goals they set for themselves. They need to be able to learn and execute a precise business plan.

Here’s where management experience comes in handy: you’ll need to lead your team and motivate employees to achieve their goals. While our shops only require a few employees to run, prospects should be committed to building productive teams and relationships and bringing out the best in others.

We’ll Hook You Up

The Diesel team is completely dedicated to helping our franchise owners be successful in all aspects of their business. We’re very hands-on in providing guidance, knowledge, and best practices in a variety of settings.

We will also start initial in-person training at our headquarters once your lease your location and sign the franchise agreement. Our initial training program provides instruction and education on our operations system, methods, and techniques. In other words, you’ll spend 12 classroom hours learning about the Diesel Barbershop system, 16 classroom hours, and 21 on-the-job hours learning our POS system, hands-on barbershop operations, products, and services.

While we work on your shop’s build-out, you can work on virtual owner/operator training. These virtual classes include two classroom hours of financial budgeting for your barbershop; one classroom hour of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring; six classroom hours of marketing; and one classroom hour of software education.

You’ll get a copy of our proprietary and confidential manuals prior to the opening of your business, as well as a list of all furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, products, supplies, and other items required for operation.

Our help doesn’t stop there! We also provide on-site assistance training at your barbershop that includes six on-the-job hours of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring, and 16 classroom hours and 21 on-the-job hours of hands-on training and opening assistance. Our ongoing support includes monthly business coaching, conferences, advertising/marketing materials, and more. We’ve got you.

Come experience how our franchise training and support can take your barbershop to the next level.

You! Yes, you! Contact us today to learn more about Diesel Barbershop’s franchise training and support.