Our Marketing Support Makes all the Difference

Published on
March 8, 2022
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Diesel Barbershop
Our Marketing Support Makes all the Difference
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Diesel Barbershop Franchise Information Report
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Let Us Teach You How to Market a Barbershop

Diesel Barbershop isn’t just any barbershop. We’re hip and funky, with a classic garage feel. We provide our clients with the best grooming experience, and we’re a unique and fun 21st-century version of the corner barbershop. Also, our marketing support makes all the difference.

Diesel Barbershop is committed to providing exemplary marketing support to our franchise owners. Our support will teach you how to market a barbershop and keep clients coming back for more. We take the time to ensure that our owners and their staff are capable of handling all their client’s needs.

With the barbershop industry currently valued at $4.5B, it’s a great time to consider owning a Diesel Barbershop. In just the last year alone, the barbershop industry saw an increase of 1.5% due to the influx of high-end barbershops opening.

our marketing support makes all the difference

Our Marketing Support Makes all The Difference With Top-Notch Barbershop Marketing Plans

Marketing is crucial for any business, but it’s especially important as you open your own Diesel Barbershop. We begin the marketing process long before you open your doors. Our support continues throughout the length of your franchise agreement.

Diesel Barbershop provides franchisees with a multi-level marketing approach. We require franchisees to allocate some spend to help prior to and around the opening.

Our marketing support includes:

  • A Marketing Guidebook that will teach you marketing strategies for your grand opening and ongoing marketing plans.
  • A designated website for your business that contains rich content to promote the brand and your store.
  • One or more designated email addresses for the franchisee’s business.
  • Initial marketing/advertising, banners, brochures, promotional materials and/or public relations materials, and services from a designated supplier.

We’ll make sure your barbershop is getting the marketing it needs, both in traditional and digital formats. As part of our marketing support, we’ll promote your business with a multi-channel marketing approach.

Additional Support

Having a new business is exciting, especially when it’s a Diesel Barbershop! There’s a lot to look forward to and even more to accomplish before you can open your doors. While it can seem overwhelming at first, we recognize that most of our franchisees don’t have hair care or barbershop experience, and that’s OK.

Our dedicated Diesel Barbershop team is very hands-on and there for you every step of the way. We take the time to ensure you’re feeling comfortable, confident, and capable as you open up shop. Our expert team will provide first-class training and share our knowledge and best practices in both in-classroom and in-the-shop settings.

One of the first things we’ll work on together is site selection. We’re there to assist with site evaluation, lease negotiation, lease signing, and everything in between. We’ve created a design package that helps tell the Diesel Barbershop story and sets the vibe for your staff and clients. We’re there for you when it comes to providing guidance and assistance with hiring and interviewing your team leaders and shop staff.

Choose Diesel Barbershop for a franchisor who goes above and beyond to provide top-notch marketing for your barbershop.

You! Yes, you! Contact us today to learn more about how to market a barbershop when you franchise with Diesel Barbershop.