Incredible Perks Of Franchisee Community Engagement

Published on
June 17, 2022
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Diesel Barbershop
Incredible Perks Of Franchisee Community Engagement
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Shayne, the founder of Diesel Barbershop, has been a community advocate from the start of Diesel. He believes that businesses must be community enablers, bring people together and foster community wellbeing. As Diesel Barbershop continues expansion across the US, Shayne fully believes that community relationships deepen roots and build brand fans. So, how can a barbershop have a tangible impact on the community, and how does Diesel Barbershop build these relationships?

Incredible Perks of Franchisee: Diesel Barbershop Community Engagement

Community involvement promotes the shops simply by being present and engaged with what is going on around them. Being engaged in the community does require resources, but it is one of the most genuine ways to grow a shop. The intent is what counts, but it also benefits your franchise in several ways:

Incredible Perks of Franchisee: Community Engagement Fosters Grassroot Brand Activation

Grassroots marketing is at the core of Diesel Barbershop’s marketing strategy. Diesel Barbershop’s brand recognition has been driven by the belief that being a part of the community is necessary for success. There’s a reason why Microsoft, which is globally established, still invests in communities and local initiatives. It is the key to surviving in a world where quality customer service has gone out the window. In this age and time, brands have to be genuine, or consumers will forget them in no time. So, going back to Shayne’s philosophy of working with the community, Diesel Barbershop creates and gets involved with local events and engages with neighboring small businesses to strengthen relationships and build brand loyalty.

Franchise Community Engagement Attracts Business Growth

As franchisees open in new communities, the Diesel Barbershop name may not be as well known, which can impact their business growth. Getting out in the community and showing that they are not only there to grow their business but also to partner with the community and make the area better is what allows shops to open stronger and develop loyal fans of the brand.

Community Engagement Levels Up the Bottomline

Community involvement is rewarding as it helps the brand earn the love of its community, but it also creates a loyal customer base, which directly impacts the bottom line. With Diesel Barbershop having a no-drama policy, it is a brand the community wants to support, which in return drives revenue.

What Does This Mean for New Franchisees?

Engaging with your community might sound intimidating, but it is one of the keys to success. To overcome your anxiety, consider ways you can get involved that seem more natural to you at first. Reach out to any organization in the area that you feel you align with and see how you can get involved. Once that hurdle is crossed, you can start looking at the smaller businesses in your community. See if you can partner with them. Go into small businesses and see how you can help support them. If they are genuinely a good fit for your shop, they will be equally as eager to help in return.

Getting involved with the community can be exciting and help you feel like you belong in the neighborhood. People want to help genuine people, so go out there and be yourself. If you try and fake it, people can tell.