Diesel Barbershop Franchisee Bo Maness Shares His Diesel Barbershop Experience!

Published on
April 22, 2022
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Diesel Barbershop
Diesel Barbershop Franchisee Bo Maness Shares His Diesel Barbershop Experience!
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For Diesel Barbershop Franchisee, Bo Maness, the brand value of Diesel Barbershop has been a major attraction. It has helped Bo focus on scaling his business rather than work from scratch to establish a new brand. With a proven business model and great support throughout the pandemic from the franchisor, Bo is excited to have invested in the Diesel Barbershop franchise partnership.

What did Bo do before he owned a Diesel Barbershop franchise?

Before becoming a Diesel Barbershop franchisee, Bo was in sales with a large commercial mechanical supplier. His work involved building and maintaining relationships, which he is able to utilize now as a Diesel Barbershop franchise owner. Bo doesn’t feel that he is selling haircuts but forging long-term relationships with his clients and employees.

What Was the Most Crucial Part of Franchising?

Training is a crucial part of any franchise partnership. According to Bo, the Diesel Barbershop franchise came with great training that helped him enter head-on into the grooming industry. According to Bo, his training at Diesel Barbershop has been substantial. Among other things, he learned how to manage operations, retrieve P&Ls, audit monthly business reports, and train his staff.

So, what does a day in the life of Bo Maness look like?

For Bo Maness, it is typically an active day. When he is not working with the Diesel Barbershop training team, he works on his grassroots marketing initiatives. Bo and his team allocate time out in the community to build deeper relationships. One such example is Bo has connected with a local brewery to educate and market potential clients for his shop and in return, introduce new customers to the brewery. Similar to the relationship with the brewery, Bo also partnered with  One Nation Coffee, a brand owned by veterans.

Bo left his employment and works full time on Diesel Barbershop.  Bo is focusing on building a great work culture that his employees enjoy.

What should someone’s next steps be?

Bo Maness feels, that anyone considering a franchise with Diesel Barbershop should reach out and get their basic homework done to ensure they are stepping in the right direction because everyone’s experiences are always unique. Depending on how much effort one is willing to invest, and where their previous experience comes from will determine if Diesel Barbershop franchising is right for them. They should also study how the real estate market works, the demographics of their area, and basic economics.

It is clear from the conversation we have had with Bo that he is willing to reinvest in Diesel Barbershop because of his experience with this partnership. It is fair to conclude that not all franchise opportunities bring the same type of relationship.

The story of Bo Maness intrigues us because of its authenticity. There is no sugarcoating; there is no grandeur storytelling; it is Bo sharing a candid testimonial of how he has taken charge of his future despite his partner’s hesitance and lack of industry awareness and found a business he truly enjoys being involved in.

We are excited to enable Bo Maness to make the most out of the investment he has made with us. If this sounds like an opportunity you are interested in, we would love to talk to you more about a business that is disrupting the grooming industry! Come, shed your anonymity, build your identity, and make the community impact you are capable of!