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The Men's Grooming Industry is Growing: Are You Ready to Meet the Demand?

There are a number of factors driving this trend, including an increasing demand for men's grooming services and a growing emphasis on self-care. Men are taking more pride in their appearance and investing in quality grooming services to look and feel their best.

Growing Demand

While personal grooming was traditionally seen as a primarily female concern, men are increasingly recognizing the benefits of taking care of their appearance, not only in terms of physical health but also in terms of confidence and self-esteem.

New Technologies & Tools

Social media has greatly influenced the growing interest in men's grooming, making it easier than ever for consumers to learn about hair care, discover new products and services, and prioritize personal appearance.

Rising Income among Consumers

Consumers are more likely to invest in personal care and grooming services. This has led to an increase in demand for higher-end grooming products and services, as well as a willingness to spend more on premium grooming experiences

Franchise Opportunities at Diesel Barbershop

The Barber Shops industry is expected to continue to grow, with revenue forecast to increase at an annualized rate of 1.2% to $4.8 billion in 2026.

Diesel Barbershop has disrupted the traditional barbershop model

Many guys have fond memories of the neighborhood barbershop where they got their first haircut, and where they went as boys and young men. The comfortable, relaxed atmosphere offered friendly discussions of the latest news, good music, and sporting events all geared towards men.

Today many men frequent generic salons where their haircut experience is a nightmare compared to what they grew up with. Most men dislike the gossip, the drama, the tons of hairspray, and the piped-in music of a typical salon. They want a “man cave” where they can get their hair cut. They want a cool, fun shop that was designed and built just for them.

Diesel Barbershop has been designed as a place for men to get a great haircut while feeling right at home. We also took into consideration what they believe to be a fair price for exceptional service, how long it should take, and other features and benefits that we believed they would appreciate.

Diesel Barbershop is a unique combination of a number of things that many men may remember from their past. There are barbershops, beauty salons, and everything in between. The Diesel Barbershop concept has been carefully researched, designed, and tested to provide the absolute best in men’s grooming in an exciting ‘man cave’ type environment.

Take a look inside our numbers

Our Average Total Gross Revenue for Franchise Units in 2023*
Our YOY Total Gross Revenue Growth Rate for Franchise Units from 2021 to 2023*
Our Client Counts had a YOY Growth Rate from 2021 to 2023*
Our Affiliate Locations had Average Total Gross Profit in 2023*
The figures above are based on unaudited financial information provided by franchisees and affiliates operating during the 2023 calendar year (as shown in Item 19 of our 2024 FDD). There were 25 franchisees operating during the 2023 calendar year (and are included in the calculations) and four affiliates operating during 2023 calendar year (and are included in the calculations. Some of franchisee and affiliate Diesel Barbershops met or exceeded these figures.  Your results may differ. There is no assurance that you will meet or exceed these figures.  Additional substantial is available upon reasonable request.  See our Item 19 for additional information.

Who is Diesel Barbershop?


First shop in San Antonio, Texas opens in 2011.


Over 32 locations across the USA, and continuing to expand.

Diesel Barbershop and Outlaws and Gents

250 +

Over 250 employees nationwide.

Diesel Barbershop Franchising Chair

Diesel Barbershops are the 21st Century versions of the corner barbershop.

Hear from Our Existing Franchisees

Real stories, real people.

"My brother and I set out to locate a franchise model that we felt comfortable investing in as a way out of corporate America. We explored 3 options and after taking the first call with each franchisor, I immediately felt comfortable and was drawn toward Diesel Barbershop. I cannot say that about any other franchise opportunities I've reviewed. Of course, the financials looked solid, but it wasn't just a great business model that made me want to invest in Diesel Barbershop. What led me to buy a Diesel Barbershop was the culture, support, and passion of the people around it. It was clear from the start that this was a Team who has significant franchise experience and who are extremely passionate about the industry and what they do. The Diesel Team has thought of every aspect of how to make the process of buying and opening a franchise easy. The level of support is incomparable and I couldn't be happier with our decision."
Diesel Barbershop Wordmark

Garrett Watkins

City Line

"I spent several months shopping dozens of franchise concepts seeking a brand that met the criteria of both my "head" and my "heart". My "head" was looking for a smart, scalable business that had uncapped income potential. I was drawn to Diesel because it was differentiated without being too niche and was part of a category that I knew would hold up well regardless of macroeconomic factors. Whether in a boom or bust economy, guys always need haircuts! I was also really impressed by the financials of the business. With a relatively small footprint that minimizes fixed costs, I believe that Diesel allows for a speed to profitability that I just didn't find with any other businesses..."

Eric Bauer

St. John's Town Center

"I'm very happy with the level of support that I have received, the culture, and brand is great. It has allowed me to put my thumbprint on this area and you know which is super exciting for me. I really enjoy that kind of stuff."

Bo Maness

Nexton Square

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Franchise Fee*


Liquid Assets*

Diesel Barbershop Experience


Net Worth*

$336,700 -$460,200

Total Investment*

Investment range and Earnings Claims (marked with *): “Refer to Item 7 and 19 of the 2024 Diesel Barbershop Franchise Disclosure Document dated April 30, 2024 for complete details.”